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About guardrail

W beam guardrail origin: around in 1940 successfully used in European countries, play a very good effect of crash safety. In the 1980s W wave beam guardrail started to use in the China domestic highway guardrail application.  Until the 21st century, the wave beam guardrail began to promote the use of a wide range, including highways, national, provincial, and so on.

W wave beam guard rail Is a corrugated steel fence panels to each other by stitching continuous structure of the main pillar of support. It uses soil base, column, beam deformation to absorb impact energy and force out of control vehicle to change direction, to return to the normal direction of travel, to prevent the vehicle out of the way, but in order to protect the vehicle and passengers, reduce the losses caused by the accident.

Beam guardrail rigid and flexible, with a strong ability to absorb collision energy, has a good driving sight inducing function, can be coordinated with the road alignment and various facilities, nice shape, can be installed in a small radius corners, easy and convenient connections at the damage easy to replace.

Use: Industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation and other sectors of the fence, decorative, protective and other facilities

W wave guardrails are the most common crash barriers.

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